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Johnny Shines


Teddy Williams- The George Mitchell Collection

"Teddy Williams and William “Do Boy” Diamond were both recorded in Canton, Mississippi in 1967 on subsequent days. Diamond was a basic guitar player but possessed a great, relaxed voice. “Hard Time Blues” is a magnificent number, sharing the same haunting quality of some of Skip James’ numbers. More of his sides can be found on George Mitchell Collection Vol. 5. It’s suggested the older Williams may have taught Diamond, and he too is a powerful singer in a similar style."

Download Link: http://www.badongo.com/file/16028980
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Hey again

Hey man, how's it going?

I enjoyed this album... good find. It's right about the connection with Skip James... But it's also a little less polished; it's very good listening, possibly for that reason. I always feel like I have to pay complete attention when listening to Skip James because every melody is so artistically picked.

I also caught up with that DVD you recommended on Joe Bussard. Man, that guy is amazing... He's crazy, in the best possible way. Thanks for the recomendation. I also grabbed "Devil Got My Woman" which is a live recording of a number of blues artists (including Skip James, Son House, Rev. Pearly Brown and others), at Newport 1966. It's not just festival footage, though - Alan Lomax set up a recreated juke joint and got them all to play. It's good stuff if you haven't already had a look at it.

Anyway, I was wondering if you could recommend some solid delta slide guitarists. I know Fred McDowell, of course, and I have (I think) pretty much everything he recorded. But I'm not sure if there are others who play in his style...

I ask because I'm trying to get my head around slide guitar playing at the moment. I just bought a beautiful vintage archtop, which is absolutely perfect for slide, and I could use some inspiration...

Anyway, thanks again!

Re: Hey again

He's definitely not even close to being as good as Skip James, but the album is still quite interesting and a worthwhile listen.

Bussard is hilarious and wonderful.

I've seen most of the "Devil Got My Woman" footage on Youtube, but haven't purchased the dvd yet.

If you want to hear some amazing slide playing, I recommend Johnny Shines' "Takin' the Blues Back South". If it is out of print, I can upload it here.
Johnny Shines

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